Paper dolls and a short dialogue



It’s been a while since I last posted an activity for all of  you to try at home but, now that we are in a lockdown situation here in France, I thought that I’d provide you with a fun activity to help keep your children busy with a fun dialogue and a paper doll activity.

This activity is actually one of the activities that I have given to my own students to do at home next week. I thought about it as I was viewing some easy English dialogue videos online. One of the most interesting ones came from the English Singsing channel on Youtube. I found it so appropriate for the times. Why not practice calling a loved one during a time when most of us are forced to stay inside? This would be a great way for a child to practice and then show off their English skills to a grandparent, for example.

Below, you’ll find the directions. Enjoy!

  1. Go to this link from English Singsingand watch their cute telephone video.
  2. After having watched it a few times ,and after having practiced the different parts, draw the two characters below:


3. Now you are ready to cut out your paper dolls and look around the house for a stick, paper straw or a strong piece of card stock to tape to the back of your dolls.



4. With a partner, decide which part of the dialogue you’d like to write out. My daughter decided that she wanted to write out both parts but you can just pick one if you’d like.


5. Now that your paper dolls are ready to “talk” you can stick the speech bubbles up on the wall (alternatively, you can also place them flat on table in front of you). Now you are ready to act out the parts and even make a little video of yourself, why not? I always find that children love finding out what they sound like and experimenting with different voices.

Wishing all of you a lovely day!

Just speak!


p.s. I almost forgot, I’m going to upload a video to my YouTube channel of when I used the puppets with my own children :)




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My book!


I started a book project with Danica from Dadoclem a while ago and I finally  have the finished product in my hands! I was so excited to read it and to share it with my kids. My daughter gave me the best compliment by telling me that she wanted to read the whole series – well, of course there is no series but, just the fact that she wants it to exist is enough to make me happy.

What’s so great about this book is that while it is bilingual (French and English)  it is written in a simple way that allows young readers to experience a book in two languages without having to have someone guide them through it. As  a teacher and a parent this really excites me as teachers and parents often have to multitask and knowing that a child can also enjoy this book on their own means that they’ll be more likely to pick it up in the first place.

The illustrations were done by Fabienne Brunner and I find them to be delightful. I love illustrations that are relatable to children,  not overdone. I like the idea of a child reading this book and saying, “I would like to have a go at drawing that character too!”

I was told that the book will be available for purchasing in February and I will definitely be updating everyone so that they can get the book for themselves. In the meantime, I’ve decided to do a project that uses this book with my class of Year 2 and Year 3 students (grades 1 and 2).  My thought is that I’d like to introduce them to the concept of books that could be made especially for bilingual kids. Because I teach in a bilingual school myself, I’ll be able to write the English version of my book with my students and then ask my teaching partner to have his class translate them into French (and vice versa of course).

I can’t wait to get started and I can’t wait to show my little students that anyone can write a book. If I can inspire them even a little bit then I’ll have done my job.

Just speak (and write!),



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Time for a little shopping…


I love to use student-made teaching materials in my ESL class. The items that we made this time were drawings of objects that my students were going to sell to each other. I understand that some parents find the use of     art in a ESL classroom as irrelevant or just a waste of time. I beg to differ. My students and I use that time to actually talk and sing. You’d be amazed at how much more relaxed children can be when they are in the middle of creating something. Singing becomes more fun and I get the time to question them about everyday occurrences. More than that, they are actually made to use the actual language (and phrases) that they would benefit from the most. 

Here’s how my lesson went-

After we learned some typical phrases like:

“How much does this cost?”

“It costs # euros and # cents.”


“That’s expensive!”

“That’s a good price.”

“That’s a bargain!”

I then had them practice naming all of the individual coins:

“Twenty cents, ten cents, one euro, two euros…”etc. 

We then quickly moved on to adding up different sums and they really enjoyed showing off their ever growing math skills. I then asked them to pick out a particular item to sell and to then choose a price to sell it at. Working in pairs they took turns asking, “How much does this cost.” ” It’s costs # euros and # cents. ” Whereby their partner would answer,       “That’s expensive!” or one of the other phrases. 

How did my students like this activity! Let’s put it this way, it was hard to get them to end the lesson. They were hooked. 

Until next time!

“Just speak!”


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Happy Halloween!

Boo! I just wanted to share a last minute Halloween costume with all of you. This one will be used by my Star Wars crazy boy but it can be tailored to fit any size. For detailed instructions please go … Continue reading

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DIY awards for dad

I have a feeling that some of my students must have some cool dads because these awards, complete with mini portraits, turned out great :)



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Happy Father’s Day 

We wish all of our students a happy Father’s Day with their loved ones. 


Danielle and Gobo

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