Time for a little shopping…


I love to use student-made teaching materials in my ESL class. The items that we made this time were drawings of objects that my students were going to sell to each other. I understand that some parents find the use of     art in a ESL classroom as irrelevant or just a waste of time. I beg to differ. My students and I use that time to actually talk and sing. You’d be amazed at how much more relaxed children can be when they are in the middle of creating something. Singing becomes more fun and I get the time to question them about everyday occurrences. More than that, they are actually made to use the actual language (and phrases) that they would benefit from the most. 

Here’s how my lesson went-

After we learned some typical phrases like:

“How much does this cost?”

“It costs # euros and # cents.”


“That’s expensive!”

“That’s a good price.”

“That’s a bargain!”

I then had them practice naming all of the individual coins:

“Twenty cents, ten cents, one euro, two euros…”etc. 

We then quickly moved on to adding up different sums and they really enjoyed showing off their ever growing math skills. I then asked them to pick out a particular item to sell and to then choose a price to sell it at. Working in pairs they took turns asking, “How much does this cost.” ” It’s costs # euros and # cents. ” Whereby their partner would answer,       “That’s expensive!” or one of the other phrases. 

How did my students like this activity! Let’s put it this way, it was hard to get them to end the lesson. They were hooked. 

Until next time!

“Just speak!”


Let’s sing some Christmas songs!

Gobo in front of his Christmas tree!
Gobo in front of his Christmas tree!

Bonjour tout le monde!

J’ai trouvé quelques belles vidéos pour vous amuser à chanter à la maison avec vos amis et votre famille. Je les ai reprises ci-dessous et classées selon le niveau scolaire de votre enfant. Amusez-vous bien et j’ai hate de vous revoir bientôt :)
Just Speak,

Pour mes petits élèves de GS: Little Snowflake by Super Simple Songs.

Pour mes élèves de CP: We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Super Simple Songs.

Pour mes élèves de CE1: Hello Reindeer by Super Simple Songs.

Pour mes anciens élèves de CE2: Jingle Bells by Super Simple Songs.

Je vous souhaite un Joyeux Noël !!

Hello everyone!

I’ve found some lovely videos for you to sing along to at home with your friends and family. I’ve listed them below according to your child’s grade level. Have fun and I’ll see you soon :)
Just Speak,

For my little students in GS:
Little Snowflake by Super Simple Songs.

For my students in CP:
We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Super Simple Songs.

For my students in CE1:
Hello Reindeer by Super Simple Songs.

For my oldest students in CE2:
Jingle Bells by Super Simple Songs.

Have a very Merry Christmas!!


Gobo stars!

Gobo's busy making cards for his friends.
Gobo’s busy making cards for his friends.




Gobo's work.
Gobo’s work.

Hello everyone!
I’ve got a lot of students to teach on a daily basis and some of them are as young as five years old. I actually teach my youngest group at the very end of the day, the time that they can be at their most rowdy, so I needed to come up with a system to reward the students that showed positive classroom behavior.

I eventually came up with what we now call, “Gobo Stars.” At the end of class I hand out (or draw directly in their notebooks) a Gobo Star to the students that actively participated in class by singing, dancing, etc. When they’ve accumulated 10 stars they are then given a card that was made by our favorite puppet, Gobo.

So far so good :) The kids are happy to receive their stars and cards and Gobo is happy to make them.

Wishing you a happy Wednesday afternoon!
Just Speak,

How are you?

how are you worksheet by Learn and Play en Anglais
how are you worksheet by Learn and Play en Anglais

Pretty soon I will be guiding my students towards learning how to describe their emotions, or current physical state, in English. Although I’ve found a lot of nice resources and visuals online, it’s also nice to be able to make my own worksheets from time to time.

Have a nice Wednesday!




One of my students invited Gobo to stay at his house this past Tuesday :) Gobo had to decline the offer because he’s too young to leave his family behind but he did write his friend a thank you note. Could this situation get any cuter? :)

Have a nice evening,

p.s. For those of you that are new to this blog, Gobo is our classroom puppet.

Saying goodbye to La Ciotat

La Ciotat,
La Ciotat,

Bonjour tout le monde!

C’était très triste de dire au revoir à mes élèves, leurs parents et leurs nounous à La Ciotat en Juin dernier. J’ai passé deux années fantastiques à enseigner à Petits Pieds Grands Pas et j’espère que je serai en mesure de rester en contact avec mes élèves et leurs familles à travers ce site web.

Je voudrais saisir cette occasion pour remercier tout le monde pour leurs lettres, chocolats et dessins lors de mon dernier jour. Je tiens à vous remercier de votre soutien constant pour mon travail, de vos sourires sans fin, de vos encouragements et d’avoir pris le temps d’amener vos enfants semaine après semaine. J’ai eu le plaisir de passer du temps avec vous et de voir l’enthousiasme et l’intérêt de vos enfants dans la langue anglaise.

Pour l’instant, Learn and Play en Anglais est officiellement en vacances mais je vais de temps en temps poster une activité amusante que je pense vous aimerez faire à la maison. Concernant le travail, je tiens à vous faire savoir que j’ai obtenu un poste dans une école ici à Bordeaux. J’ai l’intention de continuer ce que je fais dans une école et de proposer des stages durant les vacances scolaires.

Donc, j’espère pouvoir continuer à travailler sur Learn and Play en Anglais pour essayer d’en faire un endroit où l’expérience de la langue anglaise se fait dans un cadre ludique.

Merci encore à tous mes petits élèves! Vous étiez fantastique!



Hello Everyone!

It was VERY sad saying goodbye to my students, their parents and their nannies in La Ciotat this past June. I spent two fantastic years teaching at Petit Pieds Grands Pas and  it is my hope that I will be able to keep in touch with my students and their families through this website.

I’d like to take this time to thank everyone for their letters, chocolate and artwork on my last day. Mostly though, I’d like to thank you all for your constant support of my work, for your never ending smiles, for your encouragement and for taking out the time to bring your children to my class week after week. It was a pleasure to spend time with all of you and to see your children’s enthusiasm and interest in the English language grow.

As for now, Learn and Play en Anglais is officially on vacation but I will pop up from time to time to post a fun activity that I think you might like doing at home. As for work, I’d like to let you know that I’ve acquired a job teaching English in a school here in Bordeaux. I plan on continuing what I do in a school setting and to also delve into the area of “des stages” during school holidays.

So please know that I will still continue working on building Learn and Play en Anglais to try to make it an even better place to experience the English language in a playful setting.

Thank you again to all of my little students! You guys were fantastic!

Just Speak,