esl crafts for fun and learning

I am Special

An ESL project that is perfect for the start of your school year. This easy English writing project for ESL students will allow everyone to get to know one another is a fun way. When you’re done, you can display your work for everyone to see.

Paper Puppet for Dialogue Practice

Have fun making these lovely paper puppets and watch your students have fun repeating fun dialogues or making up their own conversations.

Paper Chi Doll house

My daughter and I made this paper doll house together after being inspired by some free paper objects that we received with a Chi comic book.

Map Making

Making these maps in my ESL classroom was so much fun! We were able to really practice our oral language skills with this one and EVERYBODY that has ever had to give directions in their second language knows how hard that is to do :)

Valentine’s Day

How can we get our ESL kids to get closer to one another? Just have them lovingly create miniature Valentine’s Day cards for one another. The notes that they will write will melt your heart!

paper watermelon slices

This book, if read correctly, will get everyone in class giggling. Pair it up with a nice activity and you have an ESL winner!

The Cat in the Hat

Have fun on a rainy day drawing this classic with your class. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the video, you’re going to love it!

I am Special
A paper doll house that was inspired by the Chi comic book series
Paper watermelon craft and The Watermelon Seed book
An easy English ESL activity for drawing the cat in the hat