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Easy English video lessons for kids by LearnPlayAnglais.
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Danielle P. Browne is an educator that is on fire about teaching our children how to connect through the adventure of learning a new language.

Easy English video for learning kitchen vocabulary and phrases by LearnPlayAnglais.

Watch our Learn Easy English Kitchen Vocabulary video here.

Easy English videos for kids by LearnPlayAnglais

What’s it like in Florida?

Listen to read alouds.

Create and easy English I Am Special craft, created by LearnPlayAnglais.

Make this with your students too.

Easy DIY Valentine's Day stickers by LearnPlayAnglais.
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Education is so important- let’s make it interesting and fun too.

Below you’ll find out some of the ways in which I help teachers and parents guide children in their language acquisition adventures:


Videos are everywhere these days and many children are exposed to them from a very early age, even before they can speak.

Through the years, I have found them to be extremely valuable when used in the English learner classroom. First, as a guide to see the target language “in action” and second, as the inspiration needed to get my students to use their present vocabulary and communication skills- no matter how limited they may be.

Nothing can energise a classroom more than a funny video that is able to both entertain them and teach them new skills. What’s more, a good video is one that they’ll be happy to share with their family members and that means that they’re doing homework without even knowing it!

The videos that I make are free to use in your classroom or home. Listen to them as a group or have your students watch them alone and practice repeating after me. You can also have them make similar videos and share them with their classmates – they love doing this and it’s incredibly useful in getting them to speak without fear.

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Giving a student a grammar worksheet is easy but the look on their face should be enough to tell you that it’ll only inspire genuine learning if they feel a connection to it. In other words, they need to feel like there’s a reason to the work that they are about to complete.

This is why I like to make worksheets that go along with my videos or classroom projects. I want my students to know that there is a purpose to the time and attention that they donate to my classes. You’ll find my worksheets here on my website and/or on my TeachersPayTeachers store.

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crafts and Puppets

I don’t know liquid gold in the classroom like crafts and puppets. Puppets bring so much life and character to any classroom and when you do it right, and are able to use your puppet to encourage your students to take linguistic risks and create unique artistic projects…well, let’s just say, you’ve reached the jackpot!

If you enter my English as a second language (ESL) classroom you won’t be able to miss my classroom puppet. I like to use different puppets but there’s always that favorite one that the students connect to the most. The one that I use isn’t “mine” (Gobo’s from Fraggle Rock) but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you create a funny, loving, compassionate yet flawed character that your students feel safe with and connected to. The rest is magic.

Just speak,

Danielle P. Browne

Easy English lessons for kids by LearnPlayAnglais.