An easy English ESL activity for drawing the cat in the hat

Listening skills and the Cat in the Hat

Gobo looks at computer

Hello Parents and Kids,

I’ve come up with a new assignment for my students and I have a feeling that you will like it. For this little project you will be practicing your listening skills! But you’ll also get to write and draw too.

I’ve used the help of readlearngrow14 and her video read aloud of the the book, “The Cat in the Hat” as well as the help of Art for Kids Hub  and his video on how to draw the Cat in the Hat. Don’t worry, he is a fantastic artist and he will give you step by step instructions so that your cat will come out looking great.

The last part of our project involves a little writing to accompany your drawing. I can’t wait to see my students’ results and I’m sure that yours will be great too!

Have fun and remember, just speak!



1. First you will listen to the story, “The Cat in the Hat” which will be read to you by learngrow14.

2. After listening to the story you will listen to it a second time, but this time you will pay close attention to the rhyming words (cat and hat, hit and sit, two and do…) and to the phrases that get repeated. For example, “He should not be…”, “Look at me…”, “I can hold…” etc.

3. Once you are done with the read aloud you get to visit Art for Kids Hub.  This is the part where you will be needing a few material like paper and markers.

Remember, if you are using Sharpies, you should protect your table top or you could end up leaving some marks..

Gobo marker in mouthGobo looking at Cat head


4. After you are done coloring in your cat, it is time to go back to the audio reading of “The Cat in the Hat”. Now you are going to have to decide if you want to do Part A or Part B:

Part A is for kids who are already are a bit more advanced in their reading and writing skills in their 1st language:
2. Stop at this time- 8:45
3. Copy down the entire text next to your drawing of the Cat in the Hat.
4. Practice reading it out loud.
Part B is for kids who are just starting to feel comfortable reading and writing in their 1st language (or if you find Part A a bit intimidating…it’s ok!). Instead of writing a lot of text, I would like you to find some rhyming words and write them next to your drawing of the Cat in the Hat.
You can also use the list that I’ve provided you with below:
play, day
two, do
ball, all
sit, bit
bump, jump
Please feel free to add some more rhyming words! Remember, your main goal is to practice your listening skills and to have fun!
Wishing you a great day!
Danielle and her classroom friend, Gobo
The Cat in the Hat
This is an example of what Part A could look like.
The Cat in the Hat, rhyming words
This is an example of what Part B could look like.

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