Little Red Riding Hood/ Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

Little Red Riding Hood book by Nick Sharratt and Stephen Tucker is placed next to Gobo.
LearnPlayAnglais presents their “Little Red Riding Hood” read aloud with Gobo!

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce that we have uploaded another read aloud to our YouTube channel. In the video you’ll find Gobo and Danielle in deep conversation as Gobo tries to use Danielle’s clues to figure out which book she’ll be reading.

Teachers can expand on this conversation by having their students learn the names of basic fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, you could also talk about the items that you would pack in your picnic basket if you were planning to have tea under a tree!

Below you will find some extra tips to help you if you feel that you (or your students) are having a hard time understanding the story:

Listen to the story anyway! Yes! Listen to the story, once, twice, three times or more, until you start to hear the sounds that I make separate into individual words.
• Listen to the story and then put on the subtitles and read along in your head. Do this several times.

Alternatively, the following tips are for our more advanced students:

• Listen to the story and then do the same with your EYES CLOSED! This is a wonderful way to really check your comprehension – try it!
• Put the video on mute and read the subtitles out loud once or twice. Next, repeat this process with as much expression as you can.

After listening to the story why not complete the worksheets that we have provided for you? Below you will find two examples. You can download them on this page or on my Teachers Pay Teachers page.

We wish all of our teachers and homeschooling parents a wonderful week ahead. Your job is incredibly important and remember, learning a second (or third, or fourth…) language is a journey – and a beautiful (if not slightly messy) one at that!

Just Speak!


A LearnPlayAnglais worksheet, created especially for our Little Red Riding Hood read aloud.
A LearnPlayAnglais worksheet, created especially for our Little Red Riding Hood read aloud.

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