Masks for puppets and kids

Gobo wears a hand sewn mask, made by my daughter and me.
Gobo shows off his new mask.

Hello Everyone,

We hope that this blog post finds all of you well. Lately, our little worlds have been hit by large upsets that have changed our everyday lives – sometimes completely. I do not know the situation that you currently find yourselves in but I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and figuring out ways to stay safe during these uncertain times.

As you may know, we are under a current lockdown situation here in France. It is not as strict as our first lockdown because adults are allowed to return to work (although restaurants and shops deemed as “unessential” are closed) and children are allowed (at least for the meantime) to return to school. I did hear though, that they would perhaps reduce the amount of days that high schoolers attend school…

In any case, one thing’s for sure – we need to wear masks more frequently than ever and that is why my daughter came up with the idea to make Gobo a mask. I mean, why not? He deserves to stay safe too right?

Below you will find the link to the YouTube video that we used as a GUIDE to create Gobo’s mask (thank you Sarah Yoang!). We didn’t, for example, create a filter pocket for him… (sorry Gobo but we just didn’t deem it as necessary…) but everything else is the same. Oh! Except that our sewing machine is broken so we had to hand sew the WHOLE thing! So, as you can imagine, we are very pleased with ourselves :)

Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

And remember what we always say, “Just Speak!” –


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