noël aux états unis

noël aux états unis

Hello Everyone and welcome to our little unit on celebrating Christmas in the United States, Noël aux états unis! In this video children will get a French explanation of how we celebrate Christmas in the US and how it might differ from how it’s done in France.

In the video you’ll find that we’ve written out the questions from our French pen pal students in both English and French for your convenience. In that way, this video can be useful to both FSL and ESL / ELL students.

We’d like you to know that we really enjoy making videos like this because it helps to make bridges between cultures as it clearly illustrates that people are not as different as they might think themselves to be.

Please write to us at if you have any suggestions for new videos, we’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel : LearnPlayAnglais for more video lessons

Take care and remember, just speak!


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