Snack Times are the Best Easy English Times!

Snack time with Gobo

Hello Friends,

Snack times ARE the best times aren’t they? But what do you say when you want to suggest snack time to a friend in English?

Have you ever thought about having snack time in your own classroom with your students? When I was a teacher in Florida I would have a hard time waiting for lunch time to roll around so I invited my students to bring in a healthy snack on a daily basis. I also had some snacks on hand for the students that either forgot their snack or didn’t have the means to bring one in. Why not try this in your ESL classroom? I believe that the best teaching opportunities lie in the everyday habits of our lives. We all get hungry and we all eat, so why not make a lesson our of it?

Find out how to have a simple snack time conversation in English with Danielle and her sidekick Gobo. Listen to both of them speak in easy English so that you can then repeat what they say and improve your intermediate English skills.

Click on this yummy snack time link and watch the video on YouTube so that you can enjoy our other videos too.

Wishing you a very lovely Friday everyone!! We see you and hear you and hope that what we do helps you and brings a smile to your face.

Just speak!

Danielle and her sidekick Gobo

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