speak easy English kitchen vocabulary

speak easy English kitchen vocabulary

Hello Friends,

We hope that this new post finds you well and all settled into this new year. January is a time for reflection and new beginnings and I always find it refreshing to think that we get to “start over” with a new year, new challenges, new ideas and positive attitudes.

In today’s post I will be including a video for our newest video, entitled “Speak easy English kitchen vocabulary”. In this video you’ll find our favorite orange friend showing you how to use simple sentences while doing everyday activities in the kitchen or at the dining room table.

Feel free to use this video on its own, or as an add-on to our other “Food Themed” video called, Easy English Maxi Cafe Script for Beginners | Anglais pour les petits | ESL food lesson. As an added bonus, that lesson includes a series of worksheets that I made especially for English language learners, which you can download here.

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