The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli

Hello Class,

I had a very nice time reading to you over Zoom the other day! I really like “The Watermelon Seed” and I was happy to be able to share this fun book with you.

For today’s lesson you will be asked to watch my video of “The Watermelon Seed” read aloud and to then follow up with a craft and oral language exercise. I hope that you enjoy this little project as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

By the way, Gobo wanted me to tell you that he made you a special little video to go along with this project :)

Have fun!



A. Go to LearnPlayAnglais’s YouTube channel to watch Danielle read “The Watermelon Seed” to you.

B. Make watermelon slices:

For this craft, you’ll need the following materials:

1 piece of green construction paper

1 piece of red construction paper

1 white piece of A4



Black Sharpie

Please follow the photo instructions below:

Your green paper remains its original size, but you’ll have to cut a piece off of the other two pieces.

C. Practice your oral language and writing skills by reading  and writing a passage from the book. You can use thisThe Watermelon Seed Passage Work to help you.

And now you’re done! Remember to go to ourYouTube Channel to check out the two videos that go along with this project.

Wishing you a great day!


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