Videos that we love

Voici une série de vidéos que j’aime bien et que je souhaite partager avec vous. Bravo à leurs créateurs.

Amusez-vous bien!

Here’s a list of the videos that we love enough to post about. Please note that they are all made by other people and so all credit should go to their creators.

Thanks for watching!

Day-O Time to Go Home by the Learning Station

Old MacDonald had a Farm by MyVoxSongs

Brush Your Teeth by Raffi

The Finger Family by Muffin Songs

My Body by DreamEnglishKids

Six Little Ducks by Raffi

Sleeping Bunnies by Myvoxsongs

Go Away! (Va t’en) by SuperSimpleSongs

Pumpkin Pumpkin by AJ Jenkins

Let’s get dressed for winter song by Littlestorybug – Ms. Tracey 

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