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Have you ever forgotten your manners with an acquaintance, classmate, friend or loved one? Well I have! Watch our first video to find out exactly what I did wrong and then follow up with our second video to listen to our read aloud of “Do Unto Otters”.

New Year’s Resolutions for Kids exist! Yeah they do! Watch this video to find out how Gobo was able to use a Twinkl worksheet to prepare for the new year.

“The Night Before Christmas” is here! Join Gobo and I as we discover the magic of Christmas all over again!

Have you ever compared your face to that of a cat? Well, Gobo and I have and you can too! Join us as we discover how we are similar to our feline friends.

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Here comes “Little Red Riding Hood!” and her furry sidekick! Watch our video to find out what she’s carrying around in that little basket of hers!

Have you ever tried a bowl of pumpkin soup? Well, if you liked it (and we LOVE it over here!) then you’re bound to have a nice and cosy time listening to the story entitled “Pumpkin Soup” – it really is the best you’ve ever tasted! Enjoy!

So, life with Gobo can be VERY STRAGE at times. I mean, for the MOST part he’s just a really nice guy…buy every now again he does things that make me go – “Huh??” Watch what the little guy was up to the other day…

Do you like to “heart” the word crafts as much as we do? We absolutely love craft time around here! It’s one of our top 10 things to do and today we’re going to share a little project with you that goes along with the read aloud video to a funny little book called, “The Watermelon Seed”. This is too good of a book to miss!

And here’s the read aloud!

Have you ever seen or used the online book website known as Epic? Well, it’s pretty epic and we used it A LOT during confinement when I was teaching my bilingual class of first and second graders from home. Wow, it was tough but Epic really helped us out by making sure that we have constant access to books. Check out this video of Gobo as he practices a dialogue that we came up with for the book “How Many Bites” by J. Jean Robertson.

Did I mention how tough it was while trying to teach online during the pandemic? Well, if you didn’t know, now you know. And, there are STILL a lot of hardworking teachers, students and parents doing that to this day (right now it’s March of 2021). I feel for them and I hope that the circumstances change soon.

During the period in time where I was teaching online (I’m an elementary school teacher in an International School in France) I decided to send my students a video to say hi. While I use Gobo on the regular with a lot of my students, there were also a large group that never got to see him. So this video was their first glimpse of him. In fact, many of my students didn’t know that I was a ventriloquist! I’m not exactly where I want to be yet, but I’m developing the skill every day and having great fun along the way. I hope that you enjoy the video!